Broken storm window


wood frame 

Water penetration around chimney

double tapped breaker

Loose bricks

Displayed below are images of components and systems that are considered defective

During our inspection, we look for specific clues, details, signs, which tell us that there is an issue at play or that in the future there are going to be issues.

Some issues are pretty benign, but if left unnoticed they will worsen and potentially cause damage to your house. This is where we come in. 

For example, a buried oil tank may not appear as an issue, but as time has passes corrosion will slowly damage it and potentially allow it to leak oil into the ground, which can turn out to be a real environmental issue. A leaky buried oil tank can become a very expensive and quite difficult problem to solve, especially if there is possibility that ground water is contaminated. In this situation, we will recommend that the owner removes the tank before your purchase the house.


                                                           Have a look, and be confident that we will leave nothing to chance.

Double tapped breaker

Efflorescence on garage wall

Multi-layered roof covering 

Exposed corroded coolant line

Leak and mineral deposit

Unstable step

Degraded front porch and loose stones

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Missing smoke detector

Missing spindles

Missing window

Multiple layers of roof covering

Absence of gutter extension

Corroded oil tank

Tilted girder/improper deck support

Mildew on roof deck= Poor Attic ventilation

Exposed window wood frame

Mouse infestation of insulation

Electrical outlet missing cover

Insulabrick siding 

Loose electrical service drop

Foundation crack

Missing air intake piping

Leaking drain line

leak around skylight

Driveway at end of life

Hanging electrical wires

Buried oil tank

Buried oil tank= Environmental hazard

Moss growth

Lead pipe

Dangerous deck collapse

Excessive corrosion on water heater

Unsanitary well cap

Insufficient insulation= Condensation in attic

Damaged door panels

unfenced covered pool

Exposed foundation

Damaged vent stack


wood frame 

Missing Spindle

Mildew on roof deck= Poor Attic ventilation

Active leak at laundry sink

Loose grounding wire

Bathroom vent exhausting in attic

Uneven walkway

Exposed wood between garage and living space                   = Fire Safety issue

Unsafe rafter support

collapsing chimney

Absence of sump pump

Damaged roof covering,

missing gutter,

Exposed fascia.

Roof visible from closet ceiling

Uncapped damaged brick chimney

Missing and displaced shingles

Sagging roof

Improperly installed storm door frame

Aluminum wiring = Fire hazard

missing insulation

Moisture penetration in basement wall

Exposed electrical wires

Termite damage

Leaking water heater

Blocked and damaged BIlco doors

Corroded breakers

Water penetration on basement wall

Efflorescence and moisture infiltrating from the slab

Mold-like‚Äč growth

Loose chimney


Rodent instrusion

Obstructed soffit vent

Damaged siding

Sealed damper= Poor air flow

Sealed damper= Poor air flow

Cracked brick wall = Water infiltration